Un-Building Dams

Un-Building Dams

This is a great article about what we are trying to do at Fishculvert. It’s not about “designer” fish but rather about Alewives and all the fish that bring biodiversity and life to our streams. We have seen instant results this year after we removed barriers on Armstrong Creek and Hanlon Creek. The Grand River has been blocked at its mouth since 1827 when the Dunnville Dam was built, to protect us from the Americans. The fish have been blocked from spawning here ever since. It’s time we take a good look at the thousands of dams that we have built in Canada over the last 200 plus years and see if they are still needed. Water powered grist and saw mills are a thing of the past.

Dave Penny

Minnows Matter

The Fish Have Returned After 109 Years

In the last 150 years, thousands of improperly installed culverts and small dams have blocked spawning fish and made nursery streams sterile. In a perfect world we would remove these barriers and replace them. It is not however a perfect world where minnows matter.  There is never enough time, money or political will to properly address the issue before many more generations are lost.

At FISHCULVERT.COM we have developed readily available, easy to install, economical, rehabilitation solutions.

I would enjoy an opportunity to discuss these with you and work on one of your projects.

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