FISHCULVERT is a manufactured stream bed that facilitates the passage of fish through culverts, over obstacles including perched outlets and small dams and up steep slopes.  Flow velocity is slowed down to critical levels for fish passage and a series of deep watertight resting pools are created. FISHCULVERT is available as a stand-alone flume for perched outlets and small dam by-pass, an invert liner for over steep, smooth walled or deteriorated culverts or as the invert component of a new structural plate corrugated steel pipe culvert. Individual bolt in, watertight baffles are also available for all plastic, concrete, and steel culvert pipe from 1200mm to 3000mm diameter. Custom baffle systems are also available for concrete box culverts and steel pipe arches. FISHCULVERT is fully welded steel that is co-polymer coated after fabrication. All steel components and polymer coating conform to CSA G401-14. Fishculvert Baffles can be installed in factory on new pipe or on new and retrofit installations in the field.

The most common FISHCULVERT is a fabricated stream-bed (invert only). Two sizes are available:

Small at 1393 Span x 502mm Rise x 3658mm (12′) Long sections for up to 16% slope

Large at  1997 Span x 572 Rise x 3658mm (12′) Long sections for up to 12% slope.

Custom designs are available for 3% to 16% slopes in round culverts from 1200 to 3000mm diameter and for box culverts and pipe arches.

For a FISHCULVERT Design Consultation and Price Estimate Please Contact Dave Penny at 519-212-1252 or send email to penny@fishculvert.com